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  mid 07f6d57aba Whoopsies, I dropped this 1 month ago
  mid 012320569e Support negation, parentheses. Always zero-extend registers for bugless memory operand usage 1 month ago
  mid fa40a78546 Don't specify immediate operand size 1 month ago
  Mid 8e4cb71924 BF doesn't need loop guards anymore 5 months ago
  Mid 77a459ffd3 Loop guards 5 months ago
  Mid 5ec2349336 Update 5 months ago
  Mid 55bfa2289e Iterative dumbification 5 months ago
  Mid a1077f7c03 Oh who gives a fuck? 5 months ago
  Mid 83e0771f2c Use wcl386 5 months ago
  Mid 4d182e1685 Closer to OW-compliance + removed some leaks 10 months ago
  Mid 9c89bfbdaf Added example to README 10 months ago
  Mid 5666568c1c Assemble ud-chain and use that for register allocation 10 months ago
  Mid 62c5a0ff47 Removed "constant types" 10 months ago
  Mid 945bb2a672 Initial commit 10 months ago